Role & Functionality of Dept:


  • Endowments Department governed by the “A.P. Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and Endowments Act 1987”.
  • Functions of the Department.
  • To Administer all Hindu Religious and Charitable Institutions and Endowments.
  • To ensure proper administration for appropriating their income for which they were established.
  • To protect the properties of the institutions.
  • All the expenditure including salaries are borne from the Revenue generated by the Temples and no budgetary support from the Government.

There are as many as 1429 Religious & Charitable Institutions in Krishna District published under the provisions of the Endowments Act 1987. Out of which 531 Institutions are getting income. Remaining 898 institutions are not getting any income since they have not vested with any type of properties.

The following are the famous temples in Krishna district are :
Sl.No. Name of the Temples
1 Sri Durgamalleswara Swamy Temple, Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada Urban, Krishna District
2 Sri Tirupathamma Gopiahvarla Devasthanam, Penuganchiprolu (V&M) Krishna District
3 Sri Subramaneswara Swamy Temple, Mopidevi (V&M) Krishna District
4  Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Tirumalagiri (V) Jaggaipeta (M) Krishna District
5 Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Nemali (V) Gampalagudem (M) Krishna District
6 Sri Yogananda Laxminarashima Swamy Temple, Vedadri (V) Jaggaiahpeta (M) Krishna District
7 Sri Vallidevasena Sametha Subramaneswara Swamy Temple, Singarayapalem (V) Mudinepalli (M) Krishna District
8 Sri Peddintla Ammavari Temple, Koletikota (V) Kaikaluru (M) Krishna District
9 Sri Dasanjaneya Swamy Temple, Machavaram, Vijayawada Urban , Krishna District
10 Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple, Yenamalakuduru (V) Penmaluru (M) Krishna District

Trust Board :

As per the provision of section 15 of the Endowments Act 30/87, the Government, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner constitutes board of trustees to the religious and charitable institutions for governing the administration of temples basing on the income limits stipulated.

Properties :

The Endowment Institutions is having total landed property of Ac.28954 + 412325 Sq Yds including service inam land. The department is getting an income of Rs.19 crores by way of lease of land and getting cash rent of 6 crores from 652 shops. Endowments properties are prohibited U/s 22(A)(I)(C) of the Religious Act.

Cadre Strength of Executive Officers :

There are 83 Executive Officers posts sanctioned under cadre strength. At present only 53 Executive Officers are working against the cadre strength.

Archaka Welfare Fund :

Financial assistance is being given to the Archakas and other employees of temples from out of the interest derived from the corpus fund, the Commissioner of Endowments is the secretary and treasurer to this fund.

The following are the schemes:
Sl. No. Name of the Schemes Amount
1 Housing Loan Rs.5,00,000/- ( Grant Rs.2.5 Lacs & Loan Rs.2.5 Lacs)
2 Death Gratuity Rs.4,00,000/-
3 Housing Repairs Rs.2,00,000/- ( Grant Rs.1 Lacs & Loan Rs 1 Lacs)
4 Medical Reimbursement Up to Rs.2,00,000/-
5 Marriage  Loan Rs.1,00,000/-
6 Death Exgriatia Rs.50,000/-
7 Upanayam Grant Rs.25,000/-
8 Education Loan Rs.25,000/-

Schemes/ Activities :

Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam Scheme:

The Government is extending the financial assistance at Rs.5,000/- per month to the Archakas for rendering services as well as performing Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam expenses from, where there is no proper income sources. At present 201 temples are benefited under this scheme.

Contacts :
Krishna District
Sl.No Name Executive Officer/ Manager Place of Working Phone Number
1 Sri V. Satyanarayana, Assistant Commissioner Assistant Commissioner, Endowments  Vijayawada 9491000674
2 Sri Suresh Babu Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam, Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada 9491000634, 9969298242 (P)
3 Smt K. Sobha Rani, Executive Officer Sri Tirupatamma Ammavari Temple, Penuaganchiprolu ( V & M) 9491000646, 9849672987(P)
4 Smt M. Sarada Kumari, A.C & E.O Sri Andhra Jateeya Vidya Parished, Rajupet, Machilipatnam (T & M) 9491000727
5 Sri G.V.D.N.Leela Kumar, A.C & E.O Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple, Mopidevi (Challapalli Estate Temples) 9491000723
6 Kum N. Sandhya, A.C & E.O Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Nemali (V), Gampalagudem (M) 9491000724
7 Sri V.V. Pallam Raju, A.C & E.O Sri Vallidevasenasametha Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swami Temple, Singarayapalem (V), Mudinepalli (M) 9491000725
8 Sri K. Sai Babu, A.C & E.O Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Tirumalagiri (V), Jaggaiahpet (M) 9491699726
9 Sri P. Phani Kumar, Inspector, Endowments Department, Vijayawada 9948643777
10 Sri A. Srinivas Inspector, Endowments Department, Gannavaram 9951645699
11 Sri G. Pavan Kalyan Inspector, Endowments Department, Nandigama 9390192003
12 Sri V. Sudhakar, Inspector, Endowments Department, Machilipatnam 9848037456
13 Sri K. Suresh Babu Inspector, Endowments Department,Gudivada 9948244644
14 Sri N.V. Sambasiva Rao Sri Brahmachari Bhavaji Mutt, Canal Road, Vijayawada 9160601455
15 Smt N. Aruna, Executive Officer Sri Dhinavahivari Choultry, vijayawada 8520971905
16 Sri C. Jaya Prakash Babu, Executive Officer Sri Maremma Ammavari Temple, Putrela (V), Vissannapet 9966428913
17 Smt S. Hemalatha Devi, Executive Officer Sri Bramaramba Malleswara Swami Temple, (Old Sivalayam), Vijayawada 9866434406
18 Smt P.V.K. Seetha Ravamma, Executive Officer Sri Vasantha Venugopala Swami Temple, Guntupalli (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M) 8096219334
19 Smt K. Supadna Devi, Executive Officer Royyuru Group Temples 9573931051
20 Sri G. Hari Gopinath Babu, Executive Officer Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Brahminstreet, Vijayawada 7382654242
21 Sri V. Bhupal, Executive Officer Sri Yoganandha Laxmi Narasimha Swami Temple, Vedadri (V), Jaggaiahpet (M) 9848275069
22 Sri P. Seetha Ramaiah, Executive Officer Sri Kotilinga Hari Hara Mahakshetram, Mukthayala (V), Jaggaiahpet (M) 9848579881
23 Sri S. Ammeswara Rao, Executive Officer Mudunuru Group Temples & Sri Ramalingeswara Swami Temple, Balive ( V ), Musnuru (M) 9490629389
24 Sri P. Mohana Rao, Executive Officer Sri Ramnagararupabayamma Trust, Vijayawada 9440272577
25 Sri Y. Srinivasa Rao, Executive Officer Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple, Gudivada 9866631695
26 Sri V. Naga Jyothi, Executive Officer Sri Nalluri Vari Dharma Thopu, Vijayawada 9246470388
27 Sri K.V. Gopala Rao, Executive Officer Sri Peddintlamma Ammavari Temple, Kolletikota (V), Kaikaluru (M) 9705927116
28 Sri P. Radha Krishna, Executive Officer Krishnalanka Group temples 8106491346
29 Sri S.V. Subba Rao, Executive Officer Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy temple, Undrapudi (V), Pamarru (M) 9491732163
30 Sri Y.V . Ram Prasad, Executive Officer Sri Vakalamma Ammavari temple, Manginapudi (V), Machilipatnam (m) 9640526815
31 Sri R. Venkateswara Rao, Executive Officer Sri Veeranjaneya  Swamy Temple, Vagucenter, Vijayawada 9491979309
32 Kum D. Prakrutamba , Executive Officer Veleru Group temples 8790270291
33 Sri G.V. Krishna Rao, Executive Officer Sri Ranganayaka Swami Temple, Robertsonpet, Machilipatnam 9440539374
34 Smt G. Jaya Lakshmi, Executive Officer Pedaparapudi Group Temples 9440854959
35 Sri S. Anjaneya Swamy, Executive Officer Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Godugupet, Machilipatnam 9290101099
36 Sri V. Srinivasa Rao, Executive Officer Sri Bhavaji Mutt, Singarayapalem (V), Mudinepalli (M) 9989347185
37 Sri B. Gangadhara Rao, Executive Officer Sri Ramalingeswara Swami Temple, Yanamalakuduru (V), Penamaluru (M) 9848080010
38 Sri K. Naga Raju, Executive Officer Sri Satyamma Ammavri temple, Ambarupet (V), Nandigama (M) 9640052155
39 Sri Ch. Sudakara Rao, Executive Officer Challapalli Group Temples 9502525728
40 Sri M. Satyaprasad Babu, Executive Officer Sri Posananarasimha Rao Chowdary High School, Gollapudi, Vijayawada Rural 9441072204
41 Sri G. Srinivas, Executive Officer Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple, Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada 9966090909
42 Sri G. Siva Nagi Reddy, Executive Officer Kanumolu Group Temples 9963084238
43 Smt N. Bhavani, Executive Officer Sri Dasanjaneya Swamy Temple, Machavaram, Vijayawada 9290696974
44 Sri Y. Seetha Ramaiah, Executive Officer Sri K.K. Trust, Vijayawada 7893966233
45 Sri K. Venkateswara Rao, Executive Officer Jaggaiahpet Group Temples 9966773139
46 Smt L. Satyavathi, Executive Officer Sri Kanka Durga Ammavari  Temple, Yenamalakuduru (V), Penamaluru (M) 9966322233
47 Sri G. Srinivasa Rao, Executive Officer Sri Nidumukkala Rangavalli Tayaramma Charities, Vijayawada 94406632618
48 Sri J. Ram Babu, Executive Officer Sri Ramalingeswara Swami Temple, Guduru 9573871545
49 Sri V.V. Ram Babu, Executive Officer Bapulapadu Group Temples 9966974213
50 Sri M.V.S. Murthy, Executive Officer Sri Kalahasteswara Swamy Temple, Tadigapa (V), Penamaluru (M) 9948715954
51 Sri V.D.D. Durga Prasad, Executive Officer Sri Veeranjaneya  Swamy Temple, Gudivada 9032481852
52 Sri S. Eswara Rao, Executive Officer Makkapet Group Temples 9704073743
53 Sri D. Subrahmanyam, Executive Officer Nunna Group Temples 9848147971
54 Sri Ch. Hari Durga Nageswara Rao, Executive Officer Shermahmadpet Group Temples, Jaggaiahpet 9490720382
55 Sri M. Srinivasa Rao, Executive Officer Gannavaram Group Temples 9949397748
56 Sri S. Srinivasa Rao, Executive Officer Sri Pathalabhogeswara Swamy, Kalidindi ( V&M) 9866631608
57 Sri V.N.K. Sekhar, Executive officer, Sri Syamalama Ammavari Temple, Kaikaluru ( V&M) 7981990290
58 Sri K.L.Narasimha Rao, Executive Officer Ibrahimpatnam Group Temples 9397056473
59 Sri V. Jeswanth Kedar, Executive Officer Kanuru Group temples 8142239745
60 Sri G. Koteswara Rao, Executive Officer Sri Seetha Rama Swamy Temple, Nandigama ( T & M) 9949835619
61 Sri B. Madusudana Rao, Manager Guduru Group Temples 9704680746
62 Sri K. Venkata Reddy, Manager Pamarru Group Temples 8790582376
63 Sri B. Subba Reddy, Manager Sri Gunturu Seetha Ramaiah Annasatram, Vijayawada 6281571260
64 Sri K.V.L. Srinivasa Rao, Manager Sri Ganapeswara & Chennakesava Swami Temple, Kowthavaram 9966478118
65 Sri B.V.S. Gopala Rao, Manager Sri Gowrisankara Swami Temple, Gudivada 7780705865
66 Sri Ch. Seshagiri Rao, Manager Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple, Singarayapalem (V), Mudinepalli (M) 9014349096
67 Smt U. Jaya Sri, Manager Iluru Group Temples 7306330395
68 Sri T.V.V. Mohana Rao, Manager Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Batchupet, Machilipatnam 9848571477
69 Sri P. Madan Babu, Manager Vuyyuru Group Temples 9848112276
70 Sri S.K.Kishore, Manager Sri Venugopala Swami Temple, GURAJA 9701110792
71 Sri J. Venkateswara Rao, Manager Tiruvuru Group Temples 8247289826
Email Address:
Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam, Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada endow-eosdmsd[at]gov[dot]in
Sri Tirpatamma Ammavari Temple, Penuaganchiprolu (V & M) endow-eopenug[at]gov[dot]in
Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple, Mopidevi ( V & M) endow-eomopi[at]gov[dot]in
Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Tirumalagiri (V), Jaggaiahpet (M) endow-eotgiri[at]gov[dot]in
Sri Valledevasena Sametha Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple, Singarayapalem (V), Mudinepalli (M) eof_singarayapalem[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Nemali (V), Gampalagudem (M) endow-eonemali[at]gov[dot]in
Sri Yoganandha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Vedadri (V), Jaggaiahpet (M) vedadritemple@gmail.com