1.What does a department do?

The Women Development and Child Welfare department has been rendering services to the development of the Women and Children since 1973. For the welfare of women the department is running Working Women’s Hostel, Domestic Violence Cell, One Stop Centre and Poorna Sakthi Kendra. The Schemes undertaken for the welfare of the Children are Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Integrated Child Protection Services(ICPS), Children Homes and Sishu Greh. The Department is working with extreme commitment with the goal of reducing Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate. To achieve the goal ICDS is providing 6 Services likely Supplementory Nutrition, Immunization, Preschool and Non Formal education, Nutrition Education, Health Checkups, and Referral services. Nutrition Mission has been launched in the Andhra Pradesh to end Malnutrition in the state in next 10 years.

2.Organizational Structure in the District?

The Department is headed by Project Director under her 21 ICDS projects would be operating. In the Krishna District there are 3812 Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) operating. Each ICDS project is headed by Child Development Project officer (CDPO). The Project is further divided into sector. Sector Supervisor would be monitoring 25-30 AWCs. In each Mandal there would be 2-3 Sectors.
Under the control of Project Director DCPU- District Child Protection Unit is operating. District Child Protection officer is would be taking care of the DCPU with the guidance of the Project Director. 4 Children Homes and 1 Shishu greh is working in the District under the Project Director.
Women Institutions working under the Project Director are Working Women’s Hostel, Domestic Violence Cell and One Stop Centre.

3.Scheme Details:

a)Integrated Child Development Services(ICDS): ICDS is working with fallowing goals.

  • To reduce Malnutrition in 0-6 year Children.
  • Reduction of Children with low Birth Weight.
  • To reduce Infant Mortality Rate.
  • To reduce Maternal Mortality Rate.
  • To educate Mothers about Nutrition & Health.
  • To reduce anemia, Vitamin A deficiency and Iodine deficiency among the Children below 6 years and Mothers.
  • To improve the Feeding Practices.
  • To achieve the above goals Supplementary Nutrition Programme is provided to the Children 6 months-06 years, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers.
    With the initiative of the District Collector all the AWCs could receive gas connection, electricity, Toilets and Water connection.

b)One Full Meal to Pregnant & Lactating Women (IAH):
In this programme Pregnant and Lactating women are provided 1 full meal, 200 ml milk and egg it is implemented 5 Projects in the District. Tiruvuru, Mylavaram, .Avanigadda, Bandar ®, Nandigama.
c)Girl Child Protection Scheme (GCPS):-
The Scheme is started in 1997 with a target to enhance the age at marriage of the girls.

  • to reduce the school dropouts and to encourage the girls to continue their education up to +2.
  • to improve the sex ratio.
  • the girls sanctioned GCPS up to 2004 – 2005 are being given scholarships from the banks where 5000/- Rs are deposited
    from the year 2005 insurance coverage also introduced to the parents of girl children through LIC.
  • 23447 Girls are sanctioned Old GCPS from 1996-97 to 2004-05.
  • 55493 Girls are sanctioned New GCPIS from 2005-06 to 2013–14
  • From May-1st 2013 “Bangarutalli” Scheme was started in place of GCPS. At present the Scheme was modified as “Maa Inti Maha Lakshmi”.

d) Integrated Child Protection Services(ICPS):
ICPS is a central Programme started in 2009 throughout India to protect Child Rights based on the UN convention for protection of Child Rights.
(1) Institutional Care Services : Institutional care has been provided to through Children Homes, Shelter Homes, Observation Home, Special Home.77 children Homes run by NGOs were given license by District Collector under the Women and Children Institutions Licensing Act, 1956.

(2) Non-Institutional Care Services: Sponsorship, Foster care, Pre-adoptive foster care, after care are provided through ICPS. Sponsorship was given to 103 children till date and 7 families were given foster care. Legal Services and counseling services to Child in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP) & Juvenile in conflict with Law (JCL) is also provided through ICPS. Out Reach Services and Rescue Operations are provided throughout the District
(3) Special Adoption Agency (SAA): Krishna District has 2 SAAs 1in Machilipatnam and the second one is in Buddhavaram. 150 children were given adoption in Krishna District till date.
e) Child Marriage Prohibition Officers:
All CDPOs and Supervisors are designated as Child Marriage Prohibition officers and vested with powers as per Child Marriage Prohibition Act and accordingly child marriages are being stopped. Till now 360 child marriages are stopped.
f) Financial support given to Atrocities :
From 2007 Rs. 1,10,40,000/- Financial assistance was given for 319 women victims.
g)Domestic Violence Act :
Domestic Violence Act came into force in 2006.
h)One Stop Centre:
One Stop Centre was started in Krishna District in January 2016 to provide Medical assistance, Psycho social counseling, Legal services and shelter under one roof. Till now 574 cases were provided with psycho social counseling and for 418 cases legal aid was provided.

i)Poorna Sakthi Kendra:
Poorna Sakthi Kendra was started in Avanigadda mandal. Under this scheme 1 District level, 1 Mandal Level and 10 Village level Convergence and Facilitation centers were started. Through this information on various government Schemes will be provided to the women.
j) Awareness Campaigns: Department is creating awareness on Nutrition, Importance of Immunization, Breast feeding and other Social issues through International Nutrition week celebrations, International Breast feeding week Celebrations, Saamoohika Sreemantalu, Samoohika Annaprasannalu, Saamoohika Aksharabyasalu, Nutrition exhibitions through Janmabhoomi- Maavooru Program, Importance of the Girl Child through Navaratri Utsavalu, Girl Child day and International Women’s day celebrations.

Head Quarters/ Point of Contact:
District Women and Child Development Agency,
Swetcha Plaza, 1st floor, D.NO.80-9/1-31
Near Benz Circle, Vijayawada.
Ph.No. 0866- 2493197