Settlement Survey & Land Records

Role and Functionality of Department

The Survey and Land Records Department was reorganized in 1971, to create District Survey & Land Records Offices and supervisory posts of Regional Deputy Directors, for streamlining the maintenance of land records and giving better services to public. Settlement Department came into existence in 1949 as per the provisions of the A.P. Estates (Abolition & Conversion into Ryotwari) Act, 1948. The post of Commissioner Settlements, Survey and Land Records was abolished vide G.O.Ms.No. 59 Revenue (D) Dept., Dt. 21.1.1999 and his functions were allotted to Commissioner of Land Revenue after redesign ting the Commissioner of Land Revenue as Chief Commissioner of Land Administration. The Chief Commissioner of Land Administration is the controlling officer having over-all supervision of Survey, Settlements & Land Records Department. Commissioner & Director of Survey, Settlement & Land Records is the ex-officio Secretary to the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration and has statutory functions under following statutes

  • Survey & Boundaries Act, 1923
  • (Andhra Area) Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Act, 1948
  • Mahals (Abolition & Conversion into Ryotwari) Regulation 1969 (1/69)
  • Scheduled Areas Ryotwari Settlement Regulation, 1970 (2/70) The dates of initial surveys and resurveys are furnished in Annexure-I

Schemes/Activities/Action Plan

Surveys were conducted in Government villages and also villages taken over under provisions AP S&B. Act, 1923 I.A. Act, Agency Settlement Regulations,. Presently, the Department takes care of the maintenance and updating of Land Records such as
a) Village Maps,
b) F.M.Bs,
c) RSRs and Land Registers, etc.,
As per the A.P. Survey Manual, resurveys have to be conducted at a periodicity of every 40 years. However, as they are cost intensive, time consuming and due to various other reasons, resurvey are not conducted as specified in the Manual. The date of initial and revision/resurveys conducted at district wise.
Since survey operations were conducted several decades ago, records in respect of many villages are not fully available. Much of record has been lost or exists in torn, brittle or crumbling condition. Most of the paper record is quite brittle. The availability of land record and status of digitization is  given in Annexure III.
Survey Department attends to the following items of work:

  1. Conducting of maintenance survey operations to keep the Land Records up-to-date involving measurement, mapping and incorporation of new subdivisions in permanent
  2. Demarcation / survey of Government. Lands
  3. Maintenance of Survey Records at Village, Mandal, District and State
  4. Demarcation of the boundaries of private lands on the request of the landholders on payment of the prescribed
  5. Sub-division of patta lands on the request of private parties on payment of the prescribed fee and of Government lands for assignment and Land Acquisition work
  6. Supply of certified copies of survey records, ie. FBMs, Re-Settlement Register (RSR) / Diglot Register on payment of prescribed

Sale of Village Maps, Taluk /Mandal Maps, District Maps and State Maps from Central Survey Office on payment of prescribed fee.


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