Role and Functionality of Department

Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Ltd (APSHCL) plays a major role in providing shelter to BPL (Below Poverty Line) families. APSHCL was established on 05-07-1983 to fulfill one of the major requirements among three necessities of human being ie. Shelter (Gudu). Three prominent principles being followed in providing Shelter to the poor in the state are:

  1. Self help and mutual help among beneficiaries.
  2. To provide Financial assistance & Technical guidance.
  3. To use cost effective and echo friendly material in construction.

Priority is being given in sanction of houses to the BPL family who have own house site. The BPL family who has not having houses site is being identified and assigning house sites by the revenue department duly procuring the land bank. On assigning house site by the government only houses are being sanctioned. In urban areas where the land bank is low construction is being taken up in G+ pattern. Government is assigning the houses APSHCL is playing important role in bringing the desire / capacity and necessity of a BPL family to the Government. The Government to fulfill the desire of BPL family from time to time enhanced unit cost from Rs.3000/- at the time of establishment of the organization to Rs.1,50,000/- as on day in Rural Areas and Rs.2,00,000/-  to Rs.3,50,000/-in urban areas.

Schemes/ Activities / Action plan

  1. YSR Rural Housing
  2. YSR Special Housing
  3. PMAY-YSR (Gramin)
  4. PMAY-YSR (Urban)



Sl. No. Name of the Officer Designation Landline/Mobile number
1 Smt.V. Sridevi Project Director 08672-252414
2 Smt.V. Sridevi Executive Engineer (Bandar) 08672-250803
3 Smt.V. Sridevi Executive Engineer (Gudivada) 7093930667
4 Sri Y.Syam Mohan Executive Engineer (Nuzvid) 7093930668
5 Smt T. Dhanalakshmi Executive Engineer (Vijayawada) 7093930669
6 Sri P.Prabhu Das Manager 7093930132
Other Contacts:
S.No Name of the Employee Designation Place of Working Mobile Number
1 Sri. R Balaji Naik Deputy Executive Engineer Bandar Constituency 7093930673
2 Sri. G V Bhanoji Rao Deputy Executive Engineer I/c Avanigadda Sub-Division 7093930687
3 Sri. G V Bhanoji Rao Deputy Executive Engineer Challapalli Sub-Division 7093930672
4 Sri. A Srinivasa Rao Deputy Executive Engineer Pedana Constituency 7093930674
5 Sri. Ch Adinarayanaiah Deputy Executive Engineer Kaiklauru Constituency 7093930675
6 Sri. M. Ramoji Naik Deputy Executive Engineer Gudivada Constituency 7093930676
7 Sri. V.Ramesh Babu Deputy Executive Engineer Pamarru Constituency 7093930677
8 Sri. K.S.Prakasa Rao Deputy Executive Engineer Gannavaram Constituency 7093930684
9 Sri. M.Edukondalu Deputy Executive Engineer Nuzvid Constituency 7093930679
10 Sri. Y Syam Mohan Deputy Executive Engineer Tiruvuru Constituency 7093930680
11 Sri. K V S Ramprasad Deputy Executive Engineer I/c Jaggaiapeta Constituency 7093930681
12 Sri. K.V.Bhadraiah Deputy Executive Engineer Nandigama Constituency 7093930682
13 Sri. M Nagamalleswara Rao Deputy Executive Engineer Mylavaram Constituency 7093930683
14 Sri. O.Bhaskara Rao Deputy Executive Engineer Penamaluru Constituency 7073930678
15 Sri. B.S.Ravi Kanth Deputy Executive Engineer Vijayawada Urban Constituency 7993955542
16 Sri. R Satyanarayana Assistant Engineer Bandar Rural Mandal 7093930692
17 Sri. K.R.H.Vidya Sagar Assistant Engineer Bandar Urban Mandal 7093930747
18 Sri. N Srinivas Assistant Engineer Avanigadda Mandal 7093930686
19 Sri. M Ramoji Naik Assistant Engineer Koduru Mandal 7093930687
20 Sri. S Venkateswara Rao Assistant Engineer Nagayalanka Mandal 7093930688
21 Sri. Y Seshagiri Rao Assistant Engineer Challapalli Mandal 7093930690
22 Sri. V V Bhaskara Rao Assistant Engineer Mopidevi Mandal 7093930691
23 Sri. A B Sankara Rao Assistant Engineer Ghantasala Mandal 7093930689
24 Sri. K V K M Subba Rao Assistant Engineer Pedana Rural Mandal 7093930695
25 Sri. K V K M Subba Rao Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) Pedana Urban Mandal 7093930695
26 Sri. P Mallikharjuna Swamy Assistant Engineer Bantumilli Mandal 7093930693
27 Sri. K S R C H Murthy Assistant Engineer Kruthivennu Mandal 7093930694
28 Sri. G B Venugopal Assistant Engineer Guduru Mandal 7093930696
29 Sri. Md. Rahimuddin Assistant Engineer Kaikaluru Mandal 7093930697
30 Sri. Sk. Jani Assistant Engineer Kalidindi Mandal 7093930698
31 Sri. V.S.N.Raju Assistant Engineer Mandavalli Mandal 7093930699
32 Sri. P. Palla Raju Assistant Engineer Mudinepalli Mandal 7093930700
33 Sri. B.V.V.Nageswara Rao Assistant Engineer Gudivada Rural Mandal 7093930701
34 Sri. B.V.V.Nageswara Rao Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) Gudivada Urban Mandal 7337370776
35 Sri. G Nireekshana Rao Assistant Engineer Gudlavalleru Mandal 7093930703
36 Sri. A.Jilani Assistant Engineer Nandivada Mandal 7093930702
37 Sri. N.Mallikarjuna Rao Assistant Engineer Movva Mandal 7093930706
38 Sri. K.Siva Prasada Rao Assistant Engineer Pamarru Mandal 7093930704
39 Sri. E.Leela Prasad Assistant Engineer Pamdimukkla Mandal 7093930707
40 Sri. B.Bujji Babu Assistant Engineer Pedaparupudi Mandal 7093930705
41 Sri. G.Bhavani Prasad Assistant Engineer Thotlavalluru Mandal 7093930708
42 Sri. S.Y.Chowdary Assistant Engineer Gannavaram Mandal 7093930709
43 Sri. M.Suresh Assistant Engineer Unguturu Mandal 7093930710
44 Sri. S.Satyanarayana Assistant Engineer Bapulapadu Mandal 7093930711
45 Sri. K.Srinivasa Rao Assistant Engineer Agiripalli Mandal 7093930713
46 Sri. K.V.Satyanarayana Assistant Engineer Musunuru Mandal 7093930714
47 Sri. N.V.S.Prakasa Rao Assistant Engineer Nuzvid & Nuzvid Urban Mandal 7093930715
48 Sri. Ch.Venkateswara Rao Assistant Engineer Chatrai Mandal 7093930716
49 Sri. T.Srinivasa Rao Assistant Engineer A Konduru Mandal 7093930718
50 Sri. J Krishna Assistant Engineer Gampalagudem Mandal 7331149610
51 Smt. P Padmaja Assistant Engineer Tiruvuru Rural Mandal 7093930719
52 Smt. P Padmaja Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) Tiruvuru Urban Mandal 7093931479
53 Sri. B.V.S.R.Ch.Murthy Assistant Engineer Vissannapet Mandal 7093930720
54 Sri. A Bhavani Prasad Assistant Engineer Jaggaiahpet Rural Mandal 7093930721
55 Sri. K V S Ramprasad Assistant Engineer Jaggaiahpet Urban Mandal 7331149607
56 Sri. B Laxmoji Nayak Assistant Engineer Penuganchiprolu Mandal 7093930722
57 Sri. B.Prasad MIC Vatsavai Mandal 7093930723
58 Sri. N.Venkateswara Rao Assistant Engineer Nandigama Rural Mandal 7093930724
59 Sri. N.Venkateswara Rao Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) Nandigama Urban Mandal 7337370775
60 Sri. N.Sai Babu Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) Chandarlapdu Mandal 7093930725
61 Sri. N.Sai Babu Assistant Engineer Veerullapdu Mandal 7093930727
62 Sri. A.Narasimha Rao Assistant Engineer Kanchikacherla Mandal 7093930726
63 Sri. S.Chalapathi Rao Assistant Engineer Mylavaram Mandal 7093930728
64 Sri. B.Srinivasa Rao Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) G.Kondru Mandal 7093930729
65 Sri. B.Srinivasa Rao Assistant Engineer Reddigudem Mandal 7093930731
66 Sri. Ch.Srinivas Assistant Engineer Ibrahimpatnam Mandal 7093930730
67 Sri. S.Satyanarayana Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) Vijayawada Rural Mandal 7093930712
68 Sri. G.S.V.S.Raju Assistant Engineer Penamaluru Mandal 7093930733
69 Sri. B Nehru Assistant Engineer Kankipadu Mandal 7093930732
70 Sri. Y Bullaiah Assistant Engineer Vuyyuru Rural Mandal 7093930734
71 Sri. Y Bullaiah Assistant Engineer(Addl charge) Vuyyuru Urban Mandal 7331149613
72 Sri. B.Venkateswarlu Assistant Engineer Vijayawada Urban Mandal 7093930748


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