Machilipatnam Urban Development Authority (MUDA)

About Machilipatnam Urban Development Authority

Machilipatnam Urban Development Authority (MUDA) proposed to have a total arena of 426.16 Sq.Kms. which comprises Machilipatnam Municipal Corporation, 28 Revenue Villages to achieve the objectives of the region which witnesses tremendous growth in the domains of Industries, Imports and Exports etc., Costal Economic Region with Jurisdiction over land use planning and development in Port proximal area surrounding 10 km to 30 km radius of the port.
The modalities for Development of lands, Preparation of Master Plan and Zonal Development plans, Acquisition and disposal of land, Inspection and penalties etc. shall be followed as per the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region & Urban Development Act,2016.

Functions of Machilipatnam Urban Development Authority

  • Machilipatnam Urban Development Authority is functioning from the grants of Development Fund and Revolving Funds of MA&UD.
  • To develop ecological area with emphasis on protection and conservation as per environmental norms.
  • The Development of proposed Machilipatnam Deep Water Port is essential step of Government’s vision on “Sagaramala” & Port Policy.
  • Acquiring land for the construction of Port through Land Pooling Scheme and Land Purchase Scheme.
  • Development of Demographic, Economic, financial, Infrastructure, Physical Environmental & institutional aspects for Future demand.


Organogram MUDA

S.No Name Designation Mobile Number E-mail
1 P.Wilson Babu Vice-Chairperson 9133339750 vc.mada912[at]gmail[dot]com
2 P.Samaja Secretary 9133339752 secretarymuda555[at]gmail[dot]com

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