Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project ( APMIP )

Role and Functionality of Department

AP Micro Irrigation Project, a comprehensive Project being implemented in a big way in Andhra Pradesh for providing Micro Irrigation. The Project was launched in November’2003 with an objective of enhancing the crop productivity by improving the water use efficiency through Micro Irrigation Systems. Drip irrigation is an efficient method of applying water and nutrients to crops in the root zones

  • Saving irrigation water upto 50% by minimizing water losses by deep percolation runoff and evaporation.
  • Saving Power consumption
  • More than 30% increase in yields, besides quality improvement
  • Saving labour charges upto 70% during field preparation, irrigation, weeding & fertilizer application
  • Cost on fertilizers reduced by 50% and fertilizers can be utilized efficiently through the drip system
  • Possibility of using saline water for irrigation through drip
  • Pest & disease attack is less due to low atmospheric humidity
  • By implementing the Drip irrigation total cost of cultivation reduced by 40%

Schemes/Activities/Action Plan

Drip Irrigation :
  • 100% subsidy for Small and Marginal farmers of SC/ST category limited to Rs.2 lakhs (< 5 acrs )
  • 90% subsidy for Small and Marginal farmers of Others limited to  Rs.2 lakhs  (< 5 acrs )
  • 70% subsidy for Medium farmers limited to Rs.2.80 lakhs(> 5 acrs <10 acrs )
  • 50% subsidy for Other farmers limited to Rs.4.0 lakhs (>10 acrs)
Sprinkler Irrigation (Portable, Semi Permanent,Rainguns:
  • 50% subsidy for Small and Marginal farmers upto land ceiling limit i.e. maximum area of 5 Ac
Action Plan 2019-20

During 2019-20 a target of 11000 ha is allotted under Micro Irrigation to this district. The identification of beneficiaries is in progress, the Micro irrigation Area officers, Micro irrigation company employees and Horticulture Department field functionaries are doing Bio-metric Registrations in the village itself. Village wise campaigns are conducting to cover all potential villages in 30 mandals.



Sl.No Name of the Employee (Sarvasri) Designation Mobile Nos
1 P.V.S. Ravi Kumar Project Director 7995087045
2 G. Vijayalakshmi APD 7995087046
3 S.Lobo MIE-II 7995009911
4 D.Ravi Babu MIE-I 7995009910
5 L.Ramamohnareddy MIDC-I 7995009912
6 K.Narasimhanaik MIDC-II 7995009913
7 V.Lalitha Kumari MIAO-Agiripalli 7995009914
8 S. Annapurna MIAO-Mylavaram 7995009915
9 N. Srinivasarao MIAO-Musunuru 7995009916
10 S.V.S. Lakshmi Kumar MIAO-Vissannapeta 7995009917
11 G.Ramya Vijayadurga MIAO-Nandigama 7995009918
12 G.Nagalakshmi MIAO- A.Konduru 7995009919
13 D.Naresh MIAO- Jaggayyapeta 7995009920
14 Ch. Gopi MIAO-Nuziveedu 7993354056
15 B. Syambabu MIAO- Vuyyuru 7993354057
16 P.Sarika MIAO- Ibrahimpatnam 7993354058
17 G. Vamsi Naik MIAO- Tiruvuru 7993354059



S.No. Scheme Website Address
1 APMIP Website