During the year 2018-19, various Horticulture Schemes were implemented in Krishna district for the welfare of Horticulture farmers with Financial out-lay of Rs.996.949 Lakhs under State Development Plan (SDP) and Rs.1088.75 Lakhs under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) scheme in Krishna District. Under these schemes, it is programmed to implement various new and innovative scheme in addition to the on-going programmes. The main emphasis is given for implementation of the following programmes under SDP & RKVY 2018-19.

Area Expansion Programme:

Under this programme, it is proposed to take up area expansion of perennial crops such as Mango, Guava, Cashew and Cocoa and non-perennial crops like Papaya and Tissue-culture Banana and short duration crops like Flowers, Turmeric etc., in an extent of 1043.376 Hectares. The financial assistance is extended for (3) years in respect of Perennial Crops, (2) years in case of non-Perennial crops and (1) year for short-duration crops respectively. An amount of Rs.124.85 lakhs is proposed to be spent under the above component.

Mango Rejuvenation:

Mango is the major horticulture crop in Krishna District, the area under Mango being 62,270 Ha. Most of these gardens are aged, senile and unproductive gardens. There is need to rejuvenate these gardens by taking up top working. Hence, Mango rejuvenation programme is sanctioned to cover an extent of 2143.45 hectares during the current year at a cost of Rs.376.02 lakhs. 50% assistance not exceeding Rs.17500/- per hectares (Maximum of 2.00 Ha. per beneficiary) will be provided for top-working, grafting, gap-filling, Fertilizers, Plant Protection Chemicals and Organic manures.

Integrated Vegetable Development scheme:

In Krishna district, Vegetable is under cultivation in an extent of 8040 Ha. the major crops being Tomato, Bhendi, Gourds etc., During the year 2018-19 it is proposed to implement the following items for the benefit of Vegetable growers in the district.

  • Distribution of Hybrid Vegetable Seed in an extent of 530.73 Ha. by providing 50% subsidy. Rs.15.19 lakhs is ear-marked for the programme.
  • For construction of Permanent Pendals, Rs.2.50 lakhs will be provided as assistance per Ha. During the year 22.372 Ha. at a cost of Rs.54.43 lakhs has been taken up under the item.
  • To encourage Tomato cultivation with trellis, it is proposed to cover 6.06 Ha of Tomato under Trellis by providing assistance @ Rs.7500/- per unit of one acre.
  • With a view to assist the BPL families in rural areas for nutritional security, it is proposed to distribute 2000(each worth Rs.100/-) Vegetable Minikits through IKP groups. Token money of Rs.50/- will be collected from the beneficiary and Rs.50/- per kit is the subsidy.


  • Further, assistance @ Rs.355/- per Sq. mt will be given for construction of shade-net house. Eight (8) Units are sanctioned for the current year.
  • Similarly, assistance @ Rs.445/- per will be given for construction of Poly House. Under this scheme, 9 units were sanctioned for the year 2018-19 and it is proposed to cover another 1 unit.


Under the scheme Farm Ponds with a capacity of 20x20x3 for individual farmers with 50% subsidy and community as a whole Farm Pond with a capacity of 100x100x3 is provided with 100% subsidy during this financial year 1 Community farm pond & 2 Individual farm ponds were provided financial assistance for Rs.21.17 lakhs.


Under the programme, assistance will be given for (a) Pack House (1 Unit @ Rs.2.00 lakhs (b) Ripening Chambers (1 Unit @ Rs.10.50 lakhs)

Further, distribution of Taiwan sprayers, Silpaulin sheets, HDPE Sheets and Plastic crates will be taken up under the scheme.


To encourage organic farming, farmers are assisted with a subsidy of Rs.6261/- and a total amount of Rs. 125.82 Lakh is spent under this item.


The financial assistance will be provided for Plant material for 1st year and the Maintenance in the shape of fertilizers over period of (4) years.

Sl.No Name of the Employee(Sarvasri) Designation: Mobile NO
1 B.Dayakara Babu Asst. Director of Horticulture 7995086772
2 Chandu Joseph Sundaram Horticulture Officer, Vellaturu I/C, Horticulture Officer (Technical) Vijayawada 7995086879
3 G.Lakpathi Horticulture Officer, Kankipadu 7995086881
4 Ch.Subrahmanyeswara Rao Horticulture Extension Officer I/C, Horticulture Officer, Machilipatnam 7995086885
5 N.Venu Madav Horticulture Officer, Mylavaram 7995086878
6 Suhail Ahmed Horticulture Officer, Ibrahimpatnam 7995086880
7 T.Vardhni Kumari Horticulture Officer, Jagayyapeta 7995086882
8 S.Nellima Horticulture Officer, Nandigama 7995086877



Scheme Website Address
Horticulture Department Website http//

Head Quarter Information:

Asst. Director of Horticulture, Vijayawada, Krishna District
Dr.No.53-6-21,Plot No.26,
Raminenivari Street,Patamata,
Cell No:7995086772
Land Line:0866 – 2970470