Irrigation Circle

Water Resources Department – Krishna District

Irrigation Profile :-
S.No Classification of Geographical area Area in Acres Percentage of total geographical area.
1 Total Geographical area 21,56,441
2 Forest area 1,88,255 8.73
3 Culturable area 14,86,000 68.90
4 Barren and un culturable land 90,826 4.21
5 Land put to Non Agricultural Use 3,71,287 17.22
6 Sown area
7 Irrigated area
Details of Irrigation Area in Krishna District :-
Major Irrigation (>25,000 Acres under one project) :-
Prakasam Barrage ( Krishna Eastern Delta) 6,78,531 Acres
Nagarjuna Sagar Project ( Lal Bahadur Sastry Canal) 3,60,512 Acres
Tarakarama Lift Irrigation Scheme(TRLI) 13,820 Acres
Total Ayacut 10,52,863 Acres
Medium Irrigation (Ayacut >5,000 Acres & <25,000 Acres) :-
Muniyeru Anicut System 16,427 Acres
Minor Irrigation (Ayacut <5,000 Acres) :-
>100 Acres (249 No’s of MI Tanks) 78,937 Acres
<100 Acres (675 No’s of MI Tanks) 26,366 Acres
Total (924 No’s of MI Tanks) 1,05,303 Acres
Lift Irrigation Schemes under APSIDC  :-
138 No’s of Lift Irrigation Schemes Commissioned 1,33,283 Acres
Ground Water and Bore wells :-
88577 No’s of Bore wells in Krishna District 1,15,413 Acres
Total Ayacut in Krishna District under Irrigation 14,23,289 Acres

Major Project in Krishna District

Prakasam Barrage :-

The existing Prakasam Barrage across River Krishna was constructed during 1954 to 1957 in place of old Anicut just 104Ft upstream side near Vijayawada City in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, below the confluence of the Musi, it passes through a narrow gorge and enters the plains of Coromandal  coast, till at Vijayawada.

The earlier anicut with its canals for irrigation and flood banks for the protection of the delta from the floods was constructed during 1852 with a cost of Rs. 2.00 crores which was designed by Sir Arthur Cotton and built by Captain Charies Orr to serve an ayacut of 5.80 Lakh acres in four districts of Krishna, West Godavari, Guntur and Prakasam.

 The old anicut was breached during 1952 and the eminent Superintending Engineer, Sri. Vepa Krishna Murthy and other staff have demised their lives during inspection. After examining all aspects in detail, the present barrage was constructed during 1954-1957 with a cost of Rs.2.278 Crores and named as Prakasam Barrage after the Great Leader and former Chief Minister Sri. Prakasm Panthulu.  The Geographical Location of the Barrage Latitude is 16O-30’ N and Longitude is 80O-37’ E.

Prakasam Barrage serves an ayacut of 13,07,882 Acres under Krishna Delta System comprising of Krishna Eastern Delta System in Krishna and West Godavari Districts and Krishna Western Delta System in Guntur and Prakasam Districts. Details of ayacut as shown below:

Krishna Eastern Delta System :
Krishna District 6,78,531 Acres
West Godavari District 58,000 Acres
Total 7,36,531 Acres
Krishna Western Delta System :
Guntur District 4,99,231 Acres
Prakasam  District 72,120 Acres
Total 5,71,351 Acres

Krishna Delta also serves the drinking water needs of 549 RWS Drinking water tanks i.e., 378 DW tanks in Krishna District, 48 DW tanks in West Godavari District, 104 DW tanks in Guntur District and 19 DW tanks in Prakasam District besides two corporations and 9 municipalities located in 4 districts.

Krishna Eastern Delta System – Major Canals in the District :-

The major canals that flow in Krishna district are as follows :

Sl. No Name of Canal Total Length in Km. Ayacut Lakh Acres Design Discharge
1 K.E. Main Canal 1.00 10600
2 Eluru Canal 63.00 0.58 1643
3 Ryves Canal 57.70 1.75 4250
4 Polraj Canal 41.80 0.44 645
5 Campbell Canal 38.10 0.49 705
6 Bantumilli Canal 42.00 0.65 935
7 Bandar Canal 77.80 1.51 3035
8 K.E.B Canal 56.80 1.38 2050
Total 378.20 6.79 23,863

Krishna Eastern Delta System – Drainage System in the District :-

There are 21 Nos. of Major drains, 54 Nos. of Medium drains and 702 Nos. of Minor drains in Krishna Delta Area, under the control of Drainage Division, Gudivada.

Total length of 702 Minor drains1756  Kms

Total length of 21 Major drains 533    Kms
Total length of 54 Medium drains 463    Kms

Dr K.L Rao Sagar Pulichintala Project :-

Pulichintala Project called as Dr. K. L. Rao Sagar Pulichintala Project is a multipurpose irrigation project serving irrigation needs, hydro power generation and flood control. It is a crucial irrigation facility for farmers of four (4) coastal districts of West Godavari, Krishna,Guntur and Prakasam where irrigation facility for 13 lakh acres. It has 24 gates in all with balancing reservoir with a capacity of 45.77 TMC. The project started impounding the water in August 2014. 

Taraka Rama Lift Irrigation(TRLI) Scheme :-

The Tarakarama lift Irrigation scheme in Krishna district serves an ayacut of 13,820 Acres by utilizing return water from Vijayawada Thermal power station in Budameru diversion channel. The extent under Left Main Canal is 9000 acres, and the ayacut under Right main canal is 4820 acres.

At present IP created is 11,163 Acres and balance IP to be created is for ayacut of 2,657 Acres.

Muniyeru Anicut System :-

The Muniyeru River a tributary of Krishna River starts from Pakala Lake surplus weir in Warangal District. The Muniyeru River travels about 240 Kms and joins River Krishna at Eturu village of Chandariapadu Mandal. Muniyeru Anicut was constructed near Polampalli (V) during the year 1894-1898.

Muniyeru Anicut serves an ayacut of 16,427 Acres benefiting 25 villages in 3 Mandals i.e., Vatsavai, Penuganchiprolu and Nandigama.

Organization of Water Resources Department :

Krishna district comprises of 3 circles under Water Resources Department as shown below :

1 Irrigation Circle, Vijayawada Prakasam Barrage, Muniyeru Anicut System, TRLI, Minor Irrigation, Delta Drainage etc.,
2 Dr K.L.R.S Pulichintala Project Circle, Vissanapeta Pulichintala Project, NSP Left Canal and Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Scheme
3 QC & QA Circle,, Nuzvid Quaintly Control of all Irrigation works in Krishna District.

Organogram of Irrigation Circle, Vijayawada

Irrigation Circle, Vijayawada comprises of 4 Divisions with working strength of 1 Superintending Engineer, 4 Executive Engineers, 16 Deputy Executive Engineers, 72 Asst Engineer/Asst Executive Engineers and 295 Ministerial Staff in Krishna District.

Development Activities of Irrigation Circle, Vijayawada

1.Modernization of Krishna Eastern Delta System :-

In G.O Ms No.259, Dt.29.11.2007, the Government of Andhra Pradesh issued administrative approval for Modernization of Krishna Delta System Project for an amount of Rs.4573.00 Crores. In which an amount of Rs.2180.12 Crores was allotted to Irrigation Circle, Vijayawada, wherein Rs.1577.89 Crores was allotted for 14 No’s of Canal Packages and an amount of Rs.602.23 Crores was allotted to 6 No’s of Drainage Packages.

Further, 22 No’s of works amounting Rs.720.13 Crores, could not be taken up due to non response from the prospective bidders, even after several tender calls. They are rendered unsettled and non-responsive.

  • 27 No’s of works have been taken up under EPC System with a cost of Rs.1446.54 Crores and expenditure incurred so far is Rs.1090.86 Crores.
  • 82 No’s of works have been taken up under Non –EPC System under both canals and drains with a cost of Rs.73.97 Crores and expenditure incurred so far is Rs.37.56 Crores.
  • 9 No’s of works have been taken up by under Clause 60(C) with a cost of Rs.58.38 Crores and expenditure incurred so far is Rs.42.86 Crores.
*All Figures Rs.In Crores*
Description No of Works Cost of Works Grounded Cost of Works Completed incl Price Escalation Balance Work % Completed
Canals 13 1202.81 938.58 434.66 64%
Drains 9 196.57 154.95 47.25 76%
Dredging 5 47.16 40.18 9.07 81%
Total 27 1446.54 1133.71 490.98 66%
S.No Description No of Works Agt Value in Crores No of Works Completed Value in Crores No of Works in Progress Expenditure in Crores No of Works Not Started/ Proposed for Closing Value in Crores
EPC System
1 Canals 13 1202.81 13 768.14
2 Drains 4 131.55 4 98.44
3 Channelization (Budameru) 5 65.02 5 50.88
4 Dredging 5 47.16 3 21.38 1 16.71 1 4.49
Total 27 1446.54 3 21.38 23 934.17 1 4.49
Non-EPC System
1 Canals 30 20.717 25 12.07 1 4.05 4 0.68
2 Drains 52 53.254 38 24.23 9 6.39 5 15.13
Total 82 74.037 63 36.30 10 10.44 9 15.81

2. Ramalingeswara Retaining Wall :-

The work “Construction of Flood Protection Wall along the left margin of Krishna River of Ramalingeswara Nagar of Vijayawada City” was taken up by M/s SEW & PMPL JV, Hyderabad for an amount of Rs.93.22 Crores on 06/2015 and work is under progress with an expenditure of Rs.100.34 Crores(90% Completed).

3.Tidal Banks – National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Program (NCRMP) :-

  • The work of Kona Tidal Bank from Km.0.00 to Km. 18.60 with cost of Rs. 33.94 Crores have been taken up in 11/2013. Value of work done is Rs.29.37 Crores. The work was completed in all respects.
  • The work of Kruthivennu Tidal Bank from Km.3.000 to Km.14.30 with cost of Rs.34.03 crores have been taken up in 7/2014. Value of work done is Rs.34.61 Crores. The work was completed in all respects.

4.Minor Irrigation Works :

  • There are 924 tanks in Krishna District irrigating an ayacut of 1,05,303 lakhs acres.To maintain the tanks to standard works are being takenup under schemes like APII ATP.
  • With the assistance of World Bank and APILIP with assistance of JAICA.

In Krishna District, 110 cascades are existing linking Minor Irrigation and all the tanks have been developed covering 322 tanks with an ayacut of 55677 acres.

II.APILIP –II(Minor Irrigation):-

Agreement for 2 No’s Packages to improve the minor irrigation tanks have been taken up under APILIP-II with the assistance of Japan Bank are to be concluded for an amount of Rs.5.81 Crores for restoration of various MI tanks covered in the upland mandals of Krishna District.


17 Nos of Tank Rehabilitation works have been sanctioned and taken up with a cost of Rs.23.58 Crores under APIIATP Scheme duly benefitting an ayacut of 6265 Acres in Minor Irrigation. All the works have been awarded to the agencies and works are under progress.

5.APILIP–II(Medium Irrigation):-

Modernization of Muniyeru Main Canal from KM 0.00 to KM 42.64 has been taken with the assistance of Japan Bank funding at a cost of Rs.62.10 Crores and work was awarded to M/s MSR Constructions, Khammam and work is in progress.

6.Operation and Maintenance of Krishna Delta System :-

During 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 the following Works were taken up under Operation and Maintenance with plough back funds under CADA.

S.No Year Works sanctioned Agreements concluded Works grounded
No Amount No Amount No Amount
1 2014-15 400 885.78 395 564.19 386 498.58
2 2015-16 532 873.02 445 751.06 439 698.45
3 2016-17 13 93.83 13 88.79 13 92.44
4 2017-18 524 1151.12 503 1007.8 464 810.85
5 2018-19 28 112.24 14 29.42 14 29.42
Total 1497 3115.99 1370 2441.26 1316 2129.74

Action plan for the year 2019-20 has been approved by the Commissioner, CADA for Rs.19.20 Crores for 133 No’s of O&M Works and tenders have been called for to take up works immediately.

S.No Division No’s Amount
1 K.C Division 27 411.28
2 K.E Division 63 715.63
3 Special Division 3 52.47
4 Drainage Division 40 740.87
Total 133 1920.25

6. New Works :-

a.Polavaram RMC- Eluru Link Canal :-

The work     “Excavation of Link Canal connecting Polavaram Right main Canal (at KM 137.290) to Krishna Eluru canal (at KM 36.000) via Malligani tank through existing vagu course” has been sanctioned to supplement Eluru canal ayacut directly from Polavaram canal and awarded to M/s VSS Construction, Kadapa for Rs.10.84 Crores in 02/2019 and designs of structures is in progress.

b.Pedalanka Drain Dredging Work :-

The work “De-Siltation of Pedalanka major drain from KM 4.500 to KM 21.400” has been sanctioned for Rs.23.10 Crores to improve the drain for facilitating fish/prawn culture. Tenders are under process.

c.Ramileru Bridge :-

The work “Construction of SL Bridge across Ramileru Drain at existing pipe cause way at KM 0.400” has been awarded to M/s Sri Krishna Enviro for Rs.1.62 Crores and sanctioned the work is in progress.

d.Brahmaiahalingam Tank De-Siltation :-

The work “De-siltation of Bit No.85 of tank bed Bramayyalingam Tank of Chikkavaram(V) , Gannavaram(M) in Krishna District” was sanctioned to increase the storage capacity of the tank and the work has been awarded to M/s NAS Babu Constructions Pvt Ltd., Gudivada for Rs.15.66 Crores and work is in progress.

e.De-siltation of Yerra Cheruvu, Tatakuntla:-

The work “De-Siltation of Tank bed for improvement of tank bed and formation of walking track and leveling of Government site in Tatakuntla(V) limits in Vissanapeta(M) of Krishna District” has been sanctioned as Chief Minister Assurance and the tenders are in process.

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