Animal Husbandry

Role & Functionality of Dept::

ANIMAL HUSBANDRY DEPARTMENT…. enriching livestock dependent livelihoods.

To increase the availability of animal origin foods like Milk, Meat and Eggs to the human population through scientific breeding, feeding and healthcare management of livestock and to increase the income levels of farmers by providing necessary technical support. To achieve this mandate, the following functions are discharged by the department.

  1. Provide preventive and curative healthcare to livestock and create disease free zones against infectious and contagious livestock and poultry diseases.
  2. Improve the production potential of Non Descriptive/ Low yielding cattle and buffaloes by Genetic up-gradation through Artificial Insemination and make the dairying a viable activity for income generation to rural farmers.
  3. Conservation of threatened livestock breeds.
  4. Increase the availability of fodder to meet the growing needs of productive livestock.
  5. Improve the productivity in Sheep, Goats and pigs through selective breeding and provide adequate preventive healthcare measures.
  6. Build awareness among farmers on profitable livestock production.
  7. Provide technical support to livestock based poverty alleviation programmes and promote entrepreneurship among rural unemployed youth.
  8. Coordinate with Medical and Health Departments for control of diseases of Zoonotic importance.
  9. Regulate the functioning of Government and Private slaughter houses.


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