1.Description :

The Employment Service under National Employment Service (previously) is now reoriented as “National Career Service”, which is the joint concern of the Central and State Governments. To ensure the uniformity in the functioning of the Employment Exchanges all over India, the policies and procedure to be adopted in the functional activities of the Employment Exchanges are prescribed at the national level by the Director General of Employment, New Delhi and the administrative control of the department is by the State Government under Department of Employment and Training.
The District Employment Exchange, Vijayawada functions under the headship of the Dist. Employment Officer who is the Drawing & Disbursing authority. All the Employment Exchange transactions are totally computerized and all types of services to the unemployed are being rendered only through the Computers.

2.Organization Structure:

The District Employment Exchange in the Krishna District is only one Unit is under the hierarchical control of Regional Employment Officer (Kakinada) , Deputy Director (emp), Job Development(Visakhapatnam) and the Commissioner of Employment and Training, Vijayawada.
In Krishna District the District Employment Exchange is located at Vijayawada headed by District Employment Officer and there is one Sub Employment Exchange at Machilipatnam headed by Junior Employment Officer.

3.Scheme Details (Functions of the Department):

The main programmes of the District Employment Exchange are :-

    1. Providing employment assistance to the unemployed youth i.e., Registration, Renewals, maintenance/updating of records.
    2. Providing Assistance to the employers in recruitment process ie., sponsoring of candidates.
    3. Providing occupational and education information to the students as job seekers.
    4. Organizing the following events, free of cost for the benefit of students and young Unemployed.
      • Career talks on desired topics.
      • Career conference/career exhibition on desired themes.
      • Career talks on desired topics.
    5. Providing individual counselling to overcome problems about
      • Choice of career
      • Preparation for desired career
      • Entry into a career.
    6. Collection and compilation of Employment Market Information Statistics.
    7. Publication of annual and quarterly area employment market reports highlighting employment and unemployment trends.
    8. Conducting inspections for the observation of mandatory provisions and regulations framed under employment Exchanges (compulsory notification of vacancies) Act, 1959 and its better implementation.
    9. Monitoring Outsourcing activity in Govt Departments under the chairmanship of Collector.
    10. Maintenance of Surplus Man power cell under the chairman ship of Collector.
    11. Organizing Job Melas for the benefit of the unemployed youth for private sector placements.

At present National Career Service introduced by the Government of India by making all Employment Exchanges as Model Career Centres and National Career Service brings together

      • Career Centers
      • Jobseeker Registration
      • Get career guidance from career counsellor.
      • Skill Providers with career building course.s
      • Employer Registration.

Now, all un – employees(job seekers) and Employers has to register themselves for assistance with the Employment Exchanges
The website link is (please link this website as link website)

4.Head Quarters / Point of Contact:

District Employment Officer,
District Employment Exchange,
Govt I T I Compound, Ramesh Hospital Road,
Polytechnique P O, Vijayawada – 520008.
Land line –(0866)2482054
e-mail id :;


One of the important activity of the Employment Exchange is the Collection of Employment Market Information from all Public and Private sector employers.Therefore the Quarterly Employment Return (ER-1) and Biennial Employment Return (ER-2) is enclosed as PDF which are useful to employers as ready reference and shall be uploaded in website.