Welfare of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens

1. Description
The main objective of Department for the Welfare of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens is to empower the Differently Abled and Protection and Welfare of Senior Citizens

Sl.No. Nature of Objective
I Differently Abled Welfare  :
1 Maitenance of Hostel for W.H Boys in  Vijayawada.
2 Sanction of Scholarships to the Pre Matric students studying 1st to 10th classes through epass web site
3 Sanction of Post Matric scholaships to OC Disabled students studying  Inter  and  above  courses through E-Pass web site.
4 Sanction of Scholarships to the Mentally Retarded  students
5 Sanction of Marriage Incentive Award for the marriages occurred between normal and differently abled person
6 Sanction of Financial Assistance to Differently Abled to eke-out their  livelyhood
7 Sanction of Petrol Subsidy
8 Sanction of Aids & Appliances
9 Verification of Roster registers for identification of vacancies reserved for Differently Abled persons in all Govt. Departments
10 Review   of   3%   allocation   in   all   poverity   alleviation   schemes             implemented           by  the developmental agencies.
11 Conduct of Camps for supply of Calipers and Artificial Limbs to  OH
12 Conduct of Awareness programmes on (1)The PwDs Act, 1995, (2)National Trust Act, 1999, (3)The Mental Health Act, 1987
13 Inspection of NGOs working for the cause of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens in the   District
14 Conduct of Sports meet for Differently  Abled
15 Celebration of “WORLD DIFFERENTLY ABLED DAY” on 3rd  December
16 Celebration of ” BIRTHDAY OF LOUIES BRAILLE  “
II Senior Citizens Welfare :
1 Issuing of ID cards to Senior Citizens
2 Registration complaints or petitions of affected Parents/Senior Citizens in the Maintenance Tribunals as per the Act for awarding Maintenance  Allowance
3 Protection of the Life and Property of the Senior  Citizens
4 Providing Medical support for Senior  Citizens
5 Establishement of Old Age Homes
6 Conduct of Awareness programmes on “Maintenance Welfare of Parents Senior Citizens Act”
7 Celebration of World Elders Day on 1st   October


Organisation chart DW


I.Hostel Facility for Differently Abled Boys:-

A Hostel for  the Differently Abled Boys with a sanctioned strength  of 100 is  functioning to promote education. Presently, 20 differently abled boys are studying from 3rd class to Degree are residing in  the Hostel. They are being provided with clothing, bedding materials, cosmetic charges, note books and medical care facility.

II. Scholarships :-

(i)Pre Matric Scholarships :-

The   Pre   Matric scholarships are being provided to the  differently abled students  whose parents annual income is less than Rs.  1,00,000/- and studying in  Government or  Govt. recognized schools for  encouraging  children with Disabilities in  education. The  prematric scholarships are sanctioned through epass web site.

The rates of scholarships are as follows:

1st to 5th – Rs.  1000/- ; 6th to 8th – Rs.  1500/- ; 9th & 10th – Rs.  2250/-

Trasnport Allowance per month for OH  :

1st to 5th –  Rs.  100/- ; 6th to 8th – Rs.  100/-; 9th & 10th – Rs.  100/-

Maintenance of Prosthetic / Orthopaedic Aids per month for OH  :

1st to 5th –  Rs.  50/- ; 6th to 8th – Rs.  50/-; 9th & 10th – Rs.  50/-

Reader Allowance Per month for VH :

1st to 5th –  Rs.  50/- ; 6th to 8th – Rs.  50/-; 9th & 10th – Rs.  100/-

(ii) Post Matric Scholarships:

(a) Maintance of Tuition Fee (MTF) :-

The  Post Matric scholarships to the differently abled students  who belongs to SC,  ST,  BC,  Minority communities are  being  provided by   the  respective  welfare departments  and  differently abled belongs to Other Communities are being provided scholarships through epass  web site to the differently abled whose parents annual income is less than Rs.1,00,000/-.

(b) Reimbursement of Tuition Fee (RTF) :-

Under this scheme, the differently abled students studying Intermediate to P.G. /  Professional courses are being reimbursed their tuition fee to the colleges where the differently abled students are studying as per Govt. prescribed tuition fee rates. The  parents annual income is to be less than Rs.1,00,000/-.

(iii) Scholarships to Mentally Retarded Children :-

The   Mentally Retarded  children who are  studying  in  special schools run  by   Non   Governmental Organizations which are not receiving Grant-in-Aid from Government of India and whose parents / guardians annual income is  less than ` 1,00,000/- P.A.  are being provided an amount of  ` 1,000/ per annum as scholarship.

III. Marriage Incentive Award: –

To encourage Marriages between differently abled and normal persons, a sum of  Rs.1,00,000/- as incentive award is  being sanctioned to either of the spouse if a normal person marries a differently abled person. The  Award will be sanctioned to those marriages performed on  or  after 04-08-2016.

IV.Economic Rehabilitation Scheme :-

Under this scheme, the amount will  be sanctioned as 50% on   total outlay of  the bank loan or maximum of Rs.1,00,000/- whichever is  less as subsidy to all  categories of differently abled whose age in between 18 to 60 years whose annual income doest not exceed Rs.  1,00,000/-.

V.Petrol Subsidy :-

A  Subsidy petrol is  being sanctioned  to the  disabled persons  having own vehicle for  the  use of vehicle from resident to the duty and back and to the places where day to day activities of  the beneficiaries may  make  it   necessary for   him to  go.  The   annual  income does  not  exceed  Rs.1,00,000/-

VI. Aids & Appliances:-

Orthopaedically Handicapped :

  1. i) Tricycles, Crutches, Wheelchairs, Artificial Limbs,
  2. ii) 30,000/- subsidy for purchase of Motorized Tricycles (or) Motorized Wheel Chairs.

Hearing Handicapped : Hearing Aids  and Touch Phones. Visually Handicapped :

  1. i) Long cane / Folding
  2. ii) Daisy Players for students studying from 9th class to iii) Laptops for students studying Post Graduation.

Senior citizens :

Adult Sticks, MCR Chappals, Spectacles are being supplied by  this department at free of  cost. The annual income doest not exceed Rs.  1,00,000/-

VII. Job Placements under 3% reservation in Govt. Department: –

This  Department under special recruitment drive verifies the roster registers of all  the departments for  filling  up  of posts at roster points 6, 31 & 56 reserved for  disabled in  the category of class IV & Group IV Posts.

VIII. Govt. Home for Aged & Disabled, Machilipatnam

A   Govt.  Home  for    Aged  &   Disabled  with  a  sanctioned  strength   of   65  is    functioning   in Machilipatnam. They are being provided with clothing, bedding materials, cosmetic charges and medical care facility.

IX. ID Cards to Senior Citizens:-

The   Department is  issuing Identity cards to the  Senior Citizens who are  60 & above years  for availing concessions being offered by  State & Central Governments.

  1. Head of the Organization

Sri A.V.D. Narayana Rao, M.A. (S.W),

Assistant Director

He is post graduate in Social Work having experience in the rehabilitation filed for a period of 23 years in Govt. of India unit. And presently working as Assistant Director in the department for Welfare of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens in Krishna district.

  1. Head quarters / Point of Contact


Assistant Director,

Welfare of Differently Abled & Sr. Citizens, Krishna District

Collectorate compound,

Chilakalapudi, Machilipatnam – 521 002.

Krishna District.

Contact Nos.

Assistant Director    :         9000013613

Superintendent       :         9966195365

Office Land Line      :         08672-252637

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