District Medical and Health Department

Departmental Activities:-

  • Medical Department activity is Preventive, promotive and curative services.
  • Prevention of Communicable diseases, Out break investigation and corrective measures
  • Ensuring supply of safe and potable drinking water thus preventing water borne diseases, Prevention of Vector Born Diseases. screening of school children for Early detection and Management.
  • Mother and Child Activities i.e, Early ANC Registration, identification of High Risk Pregnant Women and Follow up, birth planning safe institutional delivery, Postnatal care and Immunization. Measures for reduction of Infant Mortality Rate , Maternal Mortality Rate and TFR.
  • Treatment of Patients as OP and IP ensuring the Strict implementation of PCPNDT ACT so as to maintain the sex ratio.
  • Population stabilization by Temporary and Permanent methods of Family Planning.
  • Ensuring the Vital Statistics Registration i.e Birth and Deaths Registration
  • Preventive measures for identification and control and management of Non Communicable disease.
  • Screening, Early identification and management of EYE defects.
  • Identification, treatment and follow up of Leprosy, Tuberculosis HIV/AIDS and follow up.
  • Conducting Yuva Clinics for RTI & STI.

Teaching Hospitals1 ( Siddhartha Medical College,Vijayawada )Area Hospitals2 ( Gudiwada, ,Nuziveedu)Organization structureAt the District level District Medical and Health officer is the Head of the Department. and all the activities of Health Department is monitored from the District Medical and Health Office There is 1 Government General Hospital at Vijayawada which is a Teaching Hospital providing Tertiary care . 1 District Hospital located at District Head quarters Machilipatnam providing the services for the patients. At Divisional Level 2 Area Hospitals ( Gudiwada and Nuzvidu ) there are 12 Community Health centers. There are 88 Primary Health centers and 620 sub centers.Nationla Health Mission Programmes

  • RCH Portal : Mother and Child Registration
  • (PMSMA) :- Pradhan Manthri Surakshitha Matritva Abhiyan
  • Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana Programme (PMMVY)
  • Family Planning,
  • Maternal Death Review (MDR),
  • Child Death Review (CDR)
  • Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP).
  • National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP),
  • Andhra Pradesh Aids Control Society (APSACS)
  • National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP),
  • National Programme for the Health Care of the Elderly (NPHCE),
  • National Oral Health Program (NOHP),
  • National Programme For Prevention and Control Of Fluorosis (NPPCF), National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases & Stroke (NPCDCS).
  • National TB Control Programme
  • National Mental Health Programme (NMHP).
  • Physical Performance i.e., ANM Digi of Medical & Health Institutions in the District.
  • HDS ( Hospital Development Society )
  • HMIS ( Health Management Informatin System)
  • Birth& Deaths Registration(CRS) System
  • Financial work i.e., Budget releases and expenditures of all Medical & Health Institutions in the District
  • Training Programmes
  • Monitoring of SVV PRogramme
  • Monitoring of Immunization Programmes
  • Monitoring of all School & Colleges Health Programmes under RBSK
  • Monitoring of National Vector Born Disease Control Programmes
  • Monitoring of Blind Control Programme
  • 104
  • 108 Ambulances
  • 102 Talli Bidda Express
  • Dr.YSR Aarogyari Health Care Trust
  • Talli Suraksha
  • Vaidya Parikshalu
  • Free Dialysis Programme
  • Mukya Mantri Arogya Kendramulu (MAK Centres – E UPHCs)
  • E – Sub Centres
  • Aadhar Enabled Bio-Metric IRIS attendance
  • E Aushidi
  • Baby Kits
  • Employee Health Scheme
  •  Aarogya Raksha
  • Public Financial Management System

Scheme Details1.RCH Portal:Tracking of Mother and child Health services.Tabs Distribution to ANMs for online Data Entry for MCH servicesObjectives:To ensure 100% Maternal and reproductive health care to all women. To ensure 100% implementation of Village Health Nutrition Day’s for maternal and nutritional health services for mother and child with community involvement. To provide a comprehensive package of maternal and child health services to all beneficiaries through convergence by “MAARPPU”2.(PMSMA)Pradhan Manthri Surakshitha Matritva Abhiyan :-Objectives:Under this initiative at least one Antenatal Checkup will be provided to the pregnant woman by a Doctor / Gynaecologist during the 2nd & 3rd trimester of pregnancy on the 9th day of every month.

  • To provide quality ANC and also detection, referral, treatment & follow up of High Risk pregnancies and women having complications.
  • To ensure that no High Risk pregnancy goes undetected. This is in addition to the three (3) ANC checkups being conducted by ANMs / Staff Nurses.
  • This programme is organized at every Government facility PHC to Teaching Hospitals. The importance is given to create Health awareness in relation to safe mother hood components.

3.THALLI BIDDA CHALLAGA PRADANA MANTRI MATRU VANDANA YOJANA (PMMVY)This programe was started from January 2017.Under, this program pregnant women( 1st pregnancy) will get 5000 cash benefit from government. This amount will be credited to beneficiary directly to her aadhar bank linked account in 3 installments.

  • 1 st installement will commence for 1000 rs by registering at near by PHC before 100 days from LMP date
  • 2 nd installment will commence after 2nd visit and and antenatal checkup after 180 days from LMP date.
  • 3 rd installment will commence after delivery and after all completion of all vaccination to baby.

4.Janani Suraksha Yojana Scheme (JSY) :-Under the scheme Rs.1000/- is being paid to Rural Women who undergo Government Institutional delivery and Rs 600/- to Urban Women and Rs 500/- To Women who delivered at Home. without any conditionality of para and age. Government Deliveries has been benefited through JSY ( JSY DBT Scheme) and online account payment to be beneficiary.5.JSSK:-Objective:To provide free and cashless maternity services and new born care in all Government health care institutions including free diet, free diagnostic services, free drugs & consumables, free blood transfusion, free referral transport with drop back facility without any out of pocket expenses for the pregnant women & newborn.6.Family PlanningObjective:For Effective implementation of the State specific Population Policy and Family planning programme for reducing total Fertility Rate.

  • Adopting Temporary and Permanent methods of family planning
  • More focus on campaign to promote age at marriage and spacing of Birth and increasing the male participation


  • To prevent Mortality and morbidity in children due to Vaccine Preventable Disease
  • Strengthening of Routine Immunization by Micro level special planning. Focus on Acute Flaccid Paralysis surveillance.
  • Pulse Polio Immunization initiative in 1995 has led to the eradication of Polio from the Country.

8.(JBAR)Jawahar Bala Arogya RakshaObjectiveLaunched on 14th November 2010,to cover all children in Government, Local body and Govt. Aided Schools / Hostels from Classes I to X. The aim of the programme is to promote positive health amongst school children. It also focuses on prevention of diseases, early diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of defects. It highlights the importance of awakening health consciousness in children leading to provision of healthful environment.9.Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK)Objective:Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) is a new initiative aiming at early identification and timely intervention, leading to reduction in mortality, morbidity and lifelong disability for children from birth to 18 years to cover 4 ‘D’s viz. Defects at birth, Deficiencies, Diseases, Development delays including disability.10.Bi annual Deworming Day and Weekly Iron Folic Acid supplementation programme is conducted for prevention of Anaemia in Children.11.District Early Intervention Center (DEIC):An Early Intervention Center is established in Government General Hospital. The purpose of Early Intervention Center is to provide referral support to children detected with health conditions during health screening. A team consisting of Paediatrician, Medical Officer, Staff Nurses, Paramedics are engaged to provide services.12.(RKSK) Rashtriya Kishora Swasthya Karyakram :ObjectiveTo address the health needs of Adolesent, both physical and mental, and in addition provide nutritional interventions, yoga facilities, counseling and improve social equity in a cost effective manner.13.Yuva Clinics are conducted for the detection of RTI & STI.14.PCPNDT ACT:-The PC&PNDT-Act has been implemented in the District.Objective :“SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” and improve the child sex ratio in the district.15.Mahila Master Health Check up:Mahila Master Health check up launched on International Women day by the state Government in which every women above 35 years will be given free 14 health check ups to identify the chronic diseases like Cancer, diabetes, hypertension and Kidney disorders in early stages and to give proper treatment.16.RNTCPObjective :-Revised National TB Control Programme was launched by Govt. Of India in 1997 in which Directly Observed Treatment short course (DOTs) is given to the patients through DOTs provider who can be Para medical worker, Anganwadi, Asha Worker or any other social activist and will be paid honorarium for each case except Govt. Permanent employees. To reduce TB Burden in the society and Prevent Multi Drug resistantWebsite URL :17.National Aids Control Programme:-Objective :-Identification treatment and follow up of HIV/AIDS.18.(NPCDCS)National Programme on Prevention & Control of Cancer, Diabetes, CVD& Stroke :Objective :-To prevent and control the non Communicable diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer and stroke, The National Programme on Prevention & Control of Cancer, Diabetes, CVD& Stroke (NPCDCS) & National Programme for Health care for Elderly (NPHCE).19.INTEGRATED DISEASE SURVEILLANCE PROGRAMME (IDSP) :-OBJECTIVES :To establish integrated decentralized system of diseases surveillance. To improve the efficiency of the existing surveillance activities of disease control programmes, for use in the health planning, management and eventually disease control strategies., co-ordinate and decentralize surveillance activities. at the district and field level. To develop human resources (Trainings) for disease surveillance. To involve all the stake holders in health includes private sector hospitals.20.EXPECTED OUTCOMES:Early detection of outbreaks. Early institution of containment measures to prevent morbidity and mortality. For the evaluation of interventional services like immunization. To minimize economic loss by outbreaks.
Web :-21.NVBDCPObjective:-Prevention and Control of Vector Borne Diseases.
Active and passive surveillance for fever, early detection of vector borne disease, management and preventive measures.22.DBCS :-Objective :-Prevention and detection of Preventable causes of Blindness and management.23.108 Services :-The 108 Emergency Response Service is a free emergency service providing integrated medical, emergency Life saving services.24.New Inititatives :-25.YSR Vaidya Pariksha :-PPP Mode with MEDALL Lab Services: Free Lab Diagnostics at PHCs – 7, CHC -21, Area Hospitals – 41, District Hositals:41, with an aim to provide all total diagnostic tests for all patients at these government facilities.26.Talli Bidda Express :-Drop back home services to all deliveries of Government facilities.27.102 Call Center :-Help line for all MCH Services regarding ANC, PNC and Child Care by inborn and out borne calls.28.Tele Radiology:Under this initiative Area Hospitals of Nandigama, Avanigadda, Gudiwada , Nuzividu are covered for better radiological diagnosis through Tele medicine.29.TBS Telemetric Bio Medical Services :Geo tagging for all Medical Equipment for repairs, maintenance at all Government Health Facilities in the District. TBS India Telematic Bio Medical Services – Zeo Tagging all Medical and Health Institutions.30.Grading of Health Institutions: -Online data entry of IP/OP, lab test , Deliveries etc of Health Institutions in CFW Web portal. URL31.Aadhar Enrollment for New Born Babies :-Aadhaar enrollment and Integration of Aadhaar number in birth certificate of new born babies from 01.07.2016 at GGH Vijayawada and all Health institutions.32.Birth& Deaths Registration(CRS) System : -From: 01-05-2016 All the Births & Deaths happened in Govt. Facilities will be updated in CRS (online Soft ware) System This enables to generate the Birth & Death Certificate anywhere in India. With an aim to help poor patients suffering from renal (kidney) disease, who require regular dialysis, the government started a ‘National Dialysis Services Programme’.33.MAK Centers :-Mukhyamantri Aarogya Kendralu are established in Urban Areas for providing Health care34.Free Dialysis Programme :-Web Portal :-35.E Aushidi : New Initiative in Andhra Pradesh from July 2015The real time data flow of patient load, drug distribution, drug inventory are available. E- Aushadi data is useful for analysis of patient load, disease status at each facility on daily basis. Facility wise name wise patient details can be monitored. Drug stock position and Inventory from state level to facility level can be tracked.
Time saving process with online indenting of stock and immediate door step delivery of drug. e- Aushadi resulting in proper utilization of drug without expiry.36.(HMIS)Health Management Information system :-This portal will be your gateway to a wealth of information regarding the Health Indicators of India. The information available on this portal is being compiled from Health Management Information System (HMIS)37.Aadhar Enabled Bio-Metric IRIS attendance :-Implementation of Aadhar enabled Iris Bio-Metric Attendance system in Health Department in Krishna District was started on 14-12-2015 as Pilot with 135 locations and 135 devices in all Primary health Centers (78) and Community health centers (14) and Area Hospitals (5) and one District Hospital and 28 administrative offices of Health department in Krishna District as per the instructions of Collector and District Magistrate, Krishna.38.YSR BABY KITS :-Objective reduction of infant mortality and morbidity caused by Hypothermia and prevention of vector born disease. Distributed to all the new borns in the Government Health Institutions. Each Baby Health Care Kits contain the following items. Baby Wrap 1; Baby Bed cum Carrier with ZIP 1; Liquid Hand Wash 250 ml ; Baby Protective Net one ; Kit Bag one CHFW Website39.Dr.YSR Vaidya SevaTo improve access of BPL families to quality medical care for treatment of identified diseases involving hospitalization, surgeries and therapies. By purchase of services through identified network hospitals and self funded reimbursement mechanism (serviced by Trust) to assist BPL families for their catastrophic health needs. By improving infrastructure in Government Institutions providing health care.
WebPortal :40.Employee Health Scheme :To provide Cashless services for treatment and Hospitalization for identified disease in identified Hospital41.Aarogya Raksha :Andhra Pradesh is the first and only State in India providing of “Health for All” with an objective of providing quality health to the entire population of the State by launching “Aarogya Raksha”.42.Public Financial Management System :-A web-based online transaction system for fund management and e-payment to implementing agencies and beneficiaries. The primary objective of PFMS is to establish an efficient fund flow system and expenditure network.43.Swasthya Vidya Vahini Programme :Health Promotion Initiatives i.e Through Swasthya Vidya Vahini ( SVV) to improve the Health Literacy of Rural Population by Addressing the Social Determinants of Health at the Community and Social Environments.
Team of students from Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Home Science Colleges, Nursing Colleges to visit villages with messages to promote health they are attached to a mobile medical units which provide service delivery.
Web Portal :E Office :-E- Office implemented in the Medical and Health Department i.e Institution level and District Level and also all files submitted to the District Collector and Magistrate, Krishna through E Office to avoid delay for files approval.Head Quarters / Point of Contact :District Medical and Health Officer,
Parasupeta , Machilipatnam Krishna,
Machilipatnam -521001Phone No :-9849902325,9491058201Email Id